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So, this week I went to Jasper with my mom for a few days. It was a good time and I wish we'd stayed longer... though that would have worked best if I'd brought my laptop! I'm glad to have had a few days off the internet, though, and I am really glad we went.

I took loads of pictures because my mother foolishly granted me control of the camera. Mwahaha!

The first thing we did besides go to the information centre and get lots of pamphlets was go on a hike that took us by the Cottonwood Slough (above) and Patricia Lake. It took us a couple of hours and wasn't that strenuous... though we were both warm by the time we finished.

We found this mushroom/puffball thing in the middle of the path, mysteriously untouched by the horses and humans who had gone down it. Weird!

We saw lots of butterflies over the whole trip, but this was the only one that was polite enough to let me take a picture.

On the stretch of trail between the slough and the lake, we kept hearing the sound of rushing water but we couldn't see anything from the trail for a good ten minutes. Finally we caught sight of a creek!

A little farther down there was a bridge over the creek leading to another trail. We didn't go onto that trail, but we did hang out on the bridge for a little while.

This spot was really neat. It looked like there was some kind of fire there a while ago, but it was almost totally overgrown by bright orange moss.

It was a bit of a relief to get out of the woods and see Patricia Lake! That meant we were half-done the hike.

And here is Pyramid Mountain, aka my favourite. It's pretty big and prominent and I am very fond of it.

This is the rock wall along our trail. I thought it was neat, and thus: pictures!

A flower growing in Lake Patricia. I suspect that it wasn't originally growing in Lake Patricia- water levels were very high on all the lakes and rivers we saw.

My toes, how charming. Our feet were really hot just before the trail bent away from Lake Patricia, so we took a break and cooled them off in the water. It was perfect.

A picture of fireweed that my mother told me to take.

My mother, laughing at my failure to take a flattering picture of her the first time.

After our hike, we went to the bed and breakfast where we were staying. It was a really cute house, with moss growing on the roof and nice gable rooms. I had a slanty ceiling over my bed, which always makes me more comfortable. It also had very charming patchwork quilts! And satin sheets for some reason, which were weird to sleep on.

After we settled in there, we went out for dinner and had spinach, feta, tomato, and onion pizza. It was really good, though I took the tomato and onion off. Then we wandered around and investigated things before returning to the b&b for some quiet time and then went to bed.

On Wednesday, we got up bright and early to go to Maligne Canyon, starting at Sixth Bridge to hike our way up to the teahouse at the top and then back down. Most people go the opposite way, but our way is clearly superior. Clearly.

The river, as mentioned earlier, was running hella high.

This rock seemed very stately.

My mom taking the lead. Brave adventurer!

There were, surprisingly, a lot of rocks.

The water had risen high enough to wash out the path in a few places. It was pretty impressive.

This was kind of a backwater area that I suspect is not usually wet like it was on Wednesday.

A very active creek flowing out from under the path to join the river.

Moss and rocks and plantlife. I love moss. It's soooo pretty!

This isn't a puddle, it's actually a hole in the path to a creek that flows underneath it and out into the river. Cute!

Aforementioned creek.

Higher views of the river, since we climbed quite a bit.

My mother made me give her the camera so she could get some proof that I was actually there or something.


A waterfall on the other side of the canyon. Really gorgeous!

The canyon wall with trees overhanging. It was so cool, and a bit dizzying.

Apparently the river is fed from a series of caves that run from Medicine Lake on the other side of the mountain. This is one of the outlets from the caves. Neat, huh?

More sploosh.

The canyon walls and the way the trees grow are so fucking cool.

Once we were high enough, the walls got really narrow.

Looking a bit downstream.

Water dripping from the top of the canyon. There was a rainbow in the drops, which you can see a little bit here.

Upstream to Third Bridge! Almost there!

The water is just so awesome. Sploooooosh.

A mossy outcropping that I had to catch a picture of. I wonder why it didn't wear down.

A creek running by the path, heading for the gorge.

It looks so dark and cool that I want to dive in... though of course it would mean my horrible freezing death.

Woods and moss. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't.

Splooshiness from near the top of the canyon. We're getting closer!

A pine tree that got stuck- the water tore off all its bark, apparently.

More stuck trees.

Anyways, we got to the top of the canyon, had lunch at the teahouse, and headed back down. As we went down, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and we started hearing thunder... uh-oh! It started to rain, which we were worried put paid to our canoeing plans for the afternoon.

We decided to drive up to Pyramid Lake anyways and on the way, we saw this fine fellow:

Hello, Mr. Elk! We saw him the day before too but too close to actually get a picture. We had to keep driving.

We had to wait an hour or so, but we finally got onto the water! Canoeing was awesome but lacking in pictures, since I was scared of dropping the camera into the water. Pyramid Lake is at the base of Pyramid Mountain and the land just rises towards it. The water was like black glass lapping against our canoe- you could hardly see any distance into it at all.

After canoeing we went for ice cream and then tried to go swimming in Lake Edith, but were foiled by freezing water and another thunder storm. We had a quiet break before heading out for dinner, which was at an incredibly crowded Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good!

And that was the end of Wednesday.

Thursday dawned bright and early- I woke up a whole hour earlier than the day before, which meant we were packed up and on the road by 9:30, heading off to see Athabasca Falls. That's about half an hour or so away from where we were staying, and totally worth the trip. Going that early in the morning made the light absolutely gorgeous.


It kind of reminds me of Rivendell? Or a fairy tale.

Plus it had great mossy rocks and trees.

My favourite photo of the whole trip.

Seriously, this place is so beautiful that I cried.

More proof of my existence!

Stairs carved into an old water channel. These were cool to walk down.

The top of the Falls.

I was trying to catch the rainbow on camera and I did!

Mt. Edith Cavell, my other favourite mountain.

After we finished ogling the Falls, we headed over to Lake Annette for swimming. It was still a little bit cool when we got there, so we decided to take the walk around the lake- we had declared that we would do no more hiking after Maligne Canyon on Wednesday, but this walk was so easy it doesn't really count. The trail was even paved the whole way!

Pyramid Mountain, with Lake Annette in the foreground.

Gorgeous viewpoints!

Lake Annette was way over its usual water line. Even part of the path was drowned!

After we went around the lake, it had warmed up enough that we were comfortable trying the water. It was too cold for Mom, who retreated to the beach to lounge and read, but I had a great time swimming. I haven't gone swimming in ages, so it was very refreshing!

She caught a picture from the beach.

Sadly, after that, we had to head back to town. I miss the mountains already!
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All these pics are super pretty!! It looks like an amazing area. :3 Glad you didn't get eaten by a bear though.